Nuus – Club Management System for sports

Nuus is a service that lets you manage sports club multimedia content along with stadium ticketing system, parking lot places and online store.

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Nuus’s been created in collaboration with top tier polish football club.
Nuus lets you manage most of the fans related operations under one product,  one dashboard.

Find out more about functionalities:
  • Post news on all social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and more
  • Send direct, bulk messages to fans with news or other information
  • Manage online store items and payments
  • Share posts from your club’s web page and spread it across all social media
  • Administer your parking lot – sell parking tickets and mange your parking space
  • Raise fans knowledge and attach them to the team by Artificial Intelligence included module
  • Get dedicated mobile applications connected to your admin system


Piast Gliwice for Android and iOS give new ways of connecting with our supporters. With push notifications we can inform them of the most important news from the club. Nuus engine — the hearth of the app
 — is still developing. In a few months we will introduce ticket and loyalty program modules.

Michał Draczyński

PR Manager, Piast Gliwice SA, Polish First League

Piast Gliwice decided to use Nuus to run their social media and use out of the box mobile applications – fully customized ones.

Piast’s fans have instant access to fresh news, scores, videos and mobile fanzone inside the apps. Just like them, you can have dedicated mobile app that you won’t have to manage additionally as it’s part of Nuus ecosystem and… your fans will never miss a thing about your club from now on!

Mobile applications – iOS and Android – include:

  • Direct sport news, exclusive materials, multimedia gallery
  • Fresh posts from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Instant notifications from the club about their activities, transfers, official notes
  • Complete information about the team, players, live broadcast and personalized newsfeed


Admin Panel

Nuus service includes browser-based administration panel for managing multimedia content with additional functionalities:

  • Sport news – Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, direct news with exclusive materials
  • Tickets
  • Game Schedule
  • Merchandise
  • E-tickets
  • Parking spots
  • Dedicated iOS and Android applications

Dedicated iOS and Android applications

Dedicated mobile applications are included in both plans. The applications serve as media and new centers for your fans. Every information or news you share, it’s going to be there under one roof. Applications also let your business to communicate with your fans directly and individually.
Being branded for your specific and very own business need, mobile applications feel compatible and unified with your marketing materials and fit your communication strategy.
They can be loaded with additional features such as players identification with direct links to your online merchendise.

Sport Clubs website

Dedicated Sport Clubs website is part of box under each subscription plan. Your business can use it or not, if got one already.

Sport Clubs website includes dynamic scores, newsfeed and it’s connected to all your Nuus service modules like, for instance, online store (e-commerce) with merchandise.


Connect your merch with the stadium objects.

One of the few modules (optional) that can be added is live players identification.
It’s Augmented Reality , AI-driven module that is precise and fast – you tap an object, it responses with description, identifying it.

Through Administration panel, you decide what information is shown to a fan, once the player is identified – it can be statistics, wikipedia facts, shortcuts from previous match, direct link to your merchandise with option to purchase and more.

Save time and money. Use Club Management Systems to make just 
a few clicks to generate or manage your content. Give your fans what they deserve – great mobile experience, online store, provide them with the news, social media posts, engaging stadium banner interactive game and Augmented Reality functionality (hooked to merch).


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